Customer Stories

Transforming the delivery process

Standard Bank is transforming its delivery process to provide new features and services at velocity. You can read their story in our whitepaper, “Standard Bank: Our DevOps Journey.”

Too Slow, Too Many Silos

Standard Bank is the largest bank in Africa. An established institution with a long history, it has a 40-year technology legacy and an IT organization with multiple silos. Creating an environment could take weeks.

Planning the DevOps Journey

Realizing that the old way of doing things had to be changed, Standard Bank brought in Chef to help them. People from development, operations and business met with Chef to pick a pilot project, map out their DevOps journey and level up their skills.

Guiding Principles and the Team

The planning group decided that their guiding principle would be to move quality to the left. The new way of doing things would have quality built into it, would be repeatable, and would be automated. The multidisciplinary team that would implement the pilot project was called the Chop Chop team.

Testing Infrastructure

Standard Bank had never tested its infrastructure before but they were determined to ensure quality from the outset, catching errors earlier rather than later. Not only that, but they adopted test-driven development, writing the tests before they wrote the infrastructure code.

The Future

Standard Bank’s pilot project was a success. Now there’s enthusiasm for DevOps on a broader scale. With the right culture, everything is possible.