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Automate the process of building, deploying, and managing any application in any environment — from traditional data-centers to containerized microservices.

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Unparalleled portability and a single workflow on any platform

Habitat creates platform-independent build artifacts that can be run on traditional servers and virtual machines, or exported into your preferred container platform, letting you deploy your applications in any environment. Regardless of what platform you use, Habitat artifacts feature built-in deployment and management capabilities, ensuring that health checks, clustering topologies, update strategies, service bindings, and more can be consistently and efficiently managed across your applications and environments.

Building a scalable and reliable industrial cloud service
- Amulya Sharma, GE Digital

Build, deploy, and manage portable, automated applications

Monolithic application architecture can make it difficult to effectively scale your applications, and slows your ability to keep pace with the deployment velocity your customers demand. Organizations striving to modernize their application design often struggle with how to properly utilize emerging technologies, like containers. The learning curve from initial proof of concept development initiatives to production-ready architecture design can be intimidatingly steep. Thankfully Habitat helps you prepare your application for any platform it might need to run on.


Habitat is open source software that creates platform-independent build artifacts and provides built-in deployment and management capabilities. Habitat builds applications and their dependencies into portable artifacts that contain everything they need to run, and nothing they don’t. Artifacts built with habitat can be exported into immutable formats like Docker or Mesos to ensure your applications can be deployed just as easily on servers or as containterized microservices.


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With habitat you can run your apps anywhere, with one consistent workflow


Habitat Makes Building Applications Easy!

Habitat plans provide a simple way to define how your apps should run. With built-in scaffolding and dependency management, you start building your application with habitat in minutes!

Build Portable Applications and Deploy to Servers or Containers

Habitat applications are built with their dependencies isolated and dynamically linked. Run applications on your existing servers, or export natively into container formats for consistent deployments in any runtime environment.

Ensure your Applications are Well Supervised

Running Habitat applications can be queried through a built-in supervisor service. Configuration settings, health status, and running libraries can be easily validated or updated via an authenticated API for easy integration with your CI/CD pipelines.

Implement Intelligent Lifecycle Management

Habitat provides built-in automation for dynamic service bindings, clustering topologies, update strategies, and more. Services are deployed in groups so that cluster leaders can be elected, rolling upgrades initiated, or configurations updated easily and automatically.

Automatically Triggered Dependent Builds

When upstream libraries are updated, Habitat can trigger automatic builds of any dependent packages. Each of your applications and services can be evaluated for upgrade independently and without having to “rebuild the world” by hand.

Integrated with Modern Container Controllers

Habitat supports deploying to traditional servers, as well as to more modern platforms like Kubernetes and Cloudfoundry. Our docs and guides will walk you through deploying to your homegrown environments, as well as to cloud-based offerings like Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Let the experts help you modernize your most difficult applications

Legacy applications and commercial off-the-shelf software can often be difficult to migrate into modern development and deployment practices. That’s where our team of experts and partners can help you modernize those applications with Habitat, and start deploying them alongside your actively-managed homegrown software. Bring us your most difficult application, and we’ll help you build a plan for bringing it into the future.

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Habitat solves the problem of operating system deployment and legacy systems. We don’t need to necessarily consolidate onto a single operating system to have successful deployments of an application. And it allows us to package applications that are quite legacy, quite old, and move them forward in terms of where they’re deployed and the types of systems they’re deployed on.

Graham Weldon

Technical Coordinator and Vision Lead at Rakuten