Chef is the platform for automating your infrastructure on Amazon Web Services.

Chef Automate, Chef’s Continuous Automation solution is tightly integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS). If you’re using AWS now, Chef gives you a single, unified way to automate AWS services and resources. If you’re thinking of using AWS, Chef will help you migrate your workloads at your own pace, and with complete control. Together with AWS, Chef helps customers tackle risk and compliance barriers blocking cloud migration.

Resources from Amazon Web Services

Automating Compliance and Configurations with Chef and InSpec on AWS

An interview with Jonathan Weiss, Senior Engineering Manager at Amazon Web Services.

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DevOps and the Cloud: Chef and Amazon Web Services

An introduction to how using DevOps patterns with Amazon Web Services (AWS) can decrease time to market and reduce costs.

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AWS Opswork for Chef Automate

AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate provides a fully managed instance of Chef Automate.

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Chef Automate in AWS Marketplace or Your Self-hosted Environment

Chef Automate, Chef’s continuous automation solution AMI provides flexible consumption-based hourly billing and enables one-click use through your AWS account.

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