Chef Partner Program:
Tiers & Qualifications

The recipe for how we can build a strong and enduring partnership that benefits everyone —
you, Chef, and your customer.

The Chef Partner Kitchen

Think of it as your private portal where you have access resources, training, deal registration, upcoming renews, your partnership agreement, and where you can also see the benefits of our upcoming tiered partner model.

Chef Partner Entitlements

Logo on
Prominent logo   
Portal access
Quarterly webinar updates
Joint customer events, webinars, activities5+ 2 – 3 per year  
Number of NFR licenses10 4 2
Deal reg price protection 
If partner doesn’t win/transact a registered deal
Deal Protection10% 10% 10%
New Logo Bonus5% 5% 5%
Deal Expansion Bonus10% 5%  

Chef Partner Tier Eligibility

Meet 1 of these
Booking and deal reg’d ARR> $500K $100K – $499K < $100K
Number deals reg annually5+ 3 – 4 < 2
Fulfill 3 of these
Number badged on Chef3+ 2 1
Number deals reg annually10 3 – 5 1 – 2
Customer case studies2 1 0
Access to joint customer activities4 – 5 per year 2 – 3 per year  
Chef logo on your siteYes Yes Yes

We have been a Chef principal partner since 2017 in the areas of consulting, reselling and training. We are also an AWS partner and Chef is a very good addition to the AWS environment, as well as in purely on-premise environments. Thanks to our many years of experience in small and large projects, we know that Chef can be used ideally in all areas, but above all for compliance.

tecRacer Group

On behalf of Climb, we are honored to be a part of Chef’s channel strategy,” says Curt Peters – Sr. Alliance Manager. “When we recognized the early adoption of DevOps, we sought to partner with Chef, a leader in Software Automation solutions, to provide our customers with best-in-class solutions to drive modern software development practices. As DevOps becomes a higher priority for enterprises, our team continues to leverage Chef for enabling our channel community with the tools to meet the needs of rapidly changing IT Infrastructure environments, security, and compliance.

Climb Channel Solutions

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