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Chef has designed in-depth training and hands-on experience built by the Chef experts. The Learn Chef curriculum helps you learn about Chef and DevSecOps and quickly apply your skills, all at no charge to you. Our free training courses are optimized for self-paced learning when you need it.


Top Chef Learn Modules To Get You Started

Chef 101

Discover how Chef provides enterprise automation solutions at scale. This course provides the foundation to incorporate Chef today. Learn about the products, usage, use cases, and ways to provide continuous automation with security and scalability.

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Intro to DevOps

Transform organization into a code enterprise. This course will help your organization become a high-functioning, collaborative team and benefit from implementing software development practices into the IT lifecycle.

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Chef Compliance Auditing and Remediation

Highlights on how Chef software is used to build compliant applications and infrastructure from start to finish during the development lifecycle. Chef products offer a single, off-the-shelf solution for auditing and remediation and use a simple workflow to enable you to package and deploy pre-existing control profiles. These profiles are easily customizable, providing visibility and analytics that make continuous compliance achievable.

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Deliver Applications with Chef Habitat

Chef Habitat solves the challenges presented to continuous delivery pipelines by providing a unified system for packaging deployment instructions alongside application source code or binaries, enabling on-demand deployment to any environment without rewriting or refactoring the application code itself. Learn how to scale application delivery practices for all your development, operations, and security teams with Habitat.

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