Chef Inspec

Industry Recognized Policy-based Compliance Automation Software Tools

Chef InSpec in Practice

Chef® InSpec® provides a language for describing security and compliance rules that can be shared between software engineers, operations, and security engineers.

Compliance, security, and other policy requirements become automated tests that can be run against traditional servers, containers, and cloud APIs, ensuring enforced consistent standards in every managed environment, at every stage of development.

Robert Morrish, Chief Executive Officer at Haventec

Secure Continuous Compliance

Security Automation

Secure compliant infrastructure across entire software delivery lifecycle. Define policies as code, detect issues before production, and discover non-compliance for fast remediation.

Gov. Compliance Automation

Accelerate the Authority-To-Operate (ATO) process using continuous compliance.

Compliance Auditing

Make audits painless with a continuous compliance approach that provides up-to-date status across your entire fleet.

Standardize Security Auditing for Continuous Compliance

In traditional compliance and security auditing, different tools are used to define and validate systems resulting in manual processes, often delayed until the last moment. With Chef InSpec, compliance is evaluated at every stage of development, ensuring issues are captured early, and problems don’t resurface allowing for faster, safer releases.

From Security Compliance Predicament

  • Stakeholders often have completely different tools used to define and validate systems
  • Manual inconsistent slow checks, leading to delayed releases
  • 81% of IT Professionals believe InfoSec policies inhibit agility and speed

To Automated Security Compliance

  • Easy to learn, and human-readable language can be used across teams to ensure a unified understanding of your environments’ compliance
  • Codified checks can be automated and run at every stage of development, increasing release velocity.
  • See massive reduction on time spent on compliance checks, one customer recorded 93% reduction in audit time

Standardize Security Audits for Continuous Compliance

Secure Infrastructure

Test entire infrastructure for security with defined corporate and regulatory policies, prioritize issue areas based on a complete view, and remediate quickly

Security Visibility

Create a consolidated picture of security status and maintain an up-to-date view, enabling on-demand auditing and providing insights tailored to multiple decision makers.

Move Faster and Reduce Risk

Deliver software that is compliant by design by integrating compliance into the software delivery lifecycle and enabling rapid changes without introducing security holes.

Achieve Continuous Security

Automate security to eliminate risk with an up-to-date view of status, as to rapidly detect and correct issues, delivering software that is secure and compliant by design.

Detect and Remediate at Scale

Quickly assess, at scale, exposure level and determine what areas to focus on for remediation.

Continuous Compliance

Write and publish detection code the same day or write new rules in quick response to new regulations. Changes in threats or regulations no longer equal emergencies.

Get Started with Chef InSpec

Learn the Chef InSpec Language so you can automate the testing of your Infrastructure. Whether you want to ensure compliance to an industry standard, or be confident that your Infrastructure automation is building what you expect, InSpec makes the process easy . In this course we will show you how the InSpec Language is built up from simple resources that can test the state of everything from files on a server to the Security Groups on your cloud resources.


Preparing for Audits with Chef InSpec

Audits are time-consuming and stressful. Most security tools scan systems in production, where identified issues are costly to remediate. Chef InSpec allows for easier and faster audits.

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