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Chef Habitat in 60 Seconds

Modernize your application delivery and CI/CD workflows

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Progress Chef is all about making reliable DevOps automation, including making application delivery faster and more secure. Chef Habitat gives teams the tools they need to deploy with confidence to any hybrid cloud environment.

Habitat packages your applications by creating plans that are easy to understand and share. Developers start by initializing an existing application with Habitat, which can auto-discover the application type based on its code base such as Ruby, Node.js and Gradle and dynamically create manifests that bring together everything needed to package and deliver the application.

By storing the Habitat Manifest alongside your application code, the automation travels with the application. All the instructions for building, deploying and managing the application live in a single source of truth that can be version-controlled and collaborated on using tools like Git.

You can quickly add dependencies and build artifacts, test them locally and export them as local container images or to container registries like Docker, Amazon and Azure and share code in the secure git repos that are part of your existing CI/CD workflow tools. When you push new versions of Chef Habitat code, you make updated images available wherever you're running your workloads.

When combined with the Chef Automate dashboard, you can set up recurring Habitat actions and see the status of your builds. These are just some of the ways Chef is leading in DevSecOps.