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Continuous Compliance in a Financial Services Environment

With financial services organizations being subject to regulations such as FFIEC, PCI-DSS, and GDPR, managing compliance is a complex and dynamic process with a lot of moving parts. Between the myriad of international, federal, state, and local laws, industry-specific regulations, and company-specific requirements, achieving compliance in a robust financial regulatory environment can be challenging.

Watch on-demand to learn how to understand your risk profile, reduce audit cycle times and close the remediation loop, and identify security vulnerabilities and detect non-compliance.

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Secure Docker Containers with Chef

When issues are found in the pipeline, either stale dependencies or insecure configurations, there needs to be a way to fix those issues quickly.  But why should we limit that scope to just containers?  The methodology followed should be effective against traditional infrastructure as well, so lets build all of our applications in a way that works great for containers, or for traditional IaaS/On-Prem deployments. Join Chefs, Galen Emery and Ken Langdon for a live webinar to learn how to build and secure Docker containers as part of continuous delivery pipelines.

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Mitigate Risk By Shifting Security Left

Security compliance is a continuous process. A lack of understanding of all the changing technologies and different communication processes can lead to increased vulnerabilities and risk. IT teams spend an incredible amount of time remediating and re-aligning operational environments. It’s difficult for security teams to keep up with the pace of innovation, often causing audit cycles and development pipelines to be lengthier than necessary.

Through Automation and Machine Learning, teams can spend more time examining specific environments and refining a security policy that teaches the environment to harden itself. In this live webinar, Chris Medina, Lead Solutions Architect at Chef, will showcase how DevSecOps can speed innovation and save you time, money, and effort, all while mitigating risk.

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Introducing Chef Compliance

At Chef, we help organizations automate compliance by detecting and correcting compliance issues, making compliance an integral part of the software delivery lifecycle. The newly launched Chef Compliance helps enterprises maintain compliance and prevent security incidents across heterogeneous (hybrid, multi-cloud) estates while improving speed and efficiency.

Chef Compliance makes it easier than ever to maintain and enforce compliance across the enterprise, with standards-based audit and remediation content, easily tuned baselines to adapt to the organization’s needs, and visibility and control across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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Chef & Jenkins: Better Together

As teams have adopted continuous delivery practices to improve the velocity with which they are able to deploy applications, many have found it difficult to scale these processes across their environments. Between different programming languages, operating systems, runtime environments, and application architectures, it's not uncommon to have dozens, if not hundreds, of different ways to build, deploy, and manage applications in a single organization, each of which must be accounted for explicitly within pipeline tools like Jenkins.

Chef's approach to addressing this increasing complexity is to automate application definition itself with Chef Habitat. By providing a unified automation framework for application lifecycle management, uniform pipelines can be built even in a vastly heterogeneous estate. In this webinar, we'll showcase several practical examples of how Chef can help drastically simplify your Jenkins configurations, even as you manage diverse applications and deployment strategies.

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ChefConf Highlights With the APAC Team

Listen in with the Chef APAC team for a recap the highlights of ChefConf for you! Chef's CTO, Corey Scobie, and VP of Product, John Wyss, and Chef customers Westpac and Rakuten join to discuss the key announcements and favourite talks from ChefConf Online.

During the on-demand webinar, learn about key product announcements and how they can benefit your organisation. A panel of Chef customers discusses how they are already putting the latest Chef technology to use.

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Introducing Chef Desktop

In these days of expanding remote work and work-from-home teams continuing to grow, organizations are finding it difficult to deploy and manage thousands of workstations (desktops/ laptops) and maintain them under continuous compliance.

With the newly launched Chef Desktop, organizations can eliminate the time-consuming, manual steps needed to configure, maintain, and trace any change events in a desktop/laptop fleet, giving organizations a dynamic way to enforce enterprise security and compliance. In this live webinar, the Chef team will showcase how Chef Desktop allows IT resource managers the ability to automate the deployment, management, and secure maintenance of a large fleet of laptop, desktop, and kiosk workstations from a centralized location on a range of operating systems.

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Simplify Automation with Chef Infra Client 16

In this webinar we'll provide an overview of all the new features available in Chef Infra Client 16, as well as of resources to help you upgrade from earlier versions. April 2020 also marks one year since updating our enterprise subscription model -- we'll review what's changed, and what Chef customers and community members need to know. From there we'll provide a live demonstration of some of those capabilities, and see just how easy automating configuration management can be!

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Fast & Reliable Edge Computing Automation with Chef

Chef enables teams supporting edge computing devices to eliminate deployment failures and accelerate release schedules by providing a comprehensive automation solution that includes configuration, hardening, patch management, and application delivery. Join Eric Calabretta, Lead Solution Architect at Chef, for a live webinar to learn how to eliminate delivery failures, accelerate deployment frequency, and drive business agility at the edge.

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Eliminate Application Delivery Failures

Chef Habitat provides automation capabilities for defining, packaging, and delivering applications to almost any environment with any operating system on any platform. Over the last year, we’ve seen organizations like Alaska Airlines, Rakuten, Walmart, and Rizing address a broad range of application delivery automation challenges with Habitat. In this webinar, Eric Heiser, Field Solution Architect at Chef, will showcase how to improve developer productivity, reduce deployment failures, and deliver applications consistently across a variety of platforms and technologies.

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Infrastructure Security Maintenance with Chef InSpec

Chef InSpec’s flexibility makes it a key tool choice for incorporating security into a complete continuous delivery workflow, reducing the risk of new features and releases breaking established host-based security guidelines. In this webinar, Mandi Walls, Technical Community Manager at Chef, will cover the basics of working with Chef InSpec, writing tests to reflect your organization’s security guidelines, and managing Chef InSpec as part of a high-velocity workflow.

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Migrate Your Apps with Confidence

Technology moves fast, and at some point, we all have to migrate from old environments to new ones. Migrations are painful, but they’re a fact of life. And even if you’ve built your applications in the cloud from the beginning, it’s very likely that you’ll want to service your applications from multiple regions, if not multiple providers.

Join Waldo Grunenwald, Tech Evangelist at Datadog, and Eric Heiser, Field Solutions Architect at Chef, for a live webinar to learn how Chef can make your migrations easier and repeatable, and how insight from Datadog can ensure your migrations are successful.

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Continuous Compliance in a DevSecOps World

Continuous compliance allows organizations to fix issues before production, improving speed and lowering risk, which reduces the time and resources spent conducting audits. In this webinar, speakers from Center for Internet Security (CIS) and Chef will discuss how compliance-as-code helps maintain real-time and historical compliance status updates to appease scheduled and ad-hoc audit requests. Watch now to learn the state of compliance in the age of DevSecOps, what compliance as code and continuous compliance really mean, and how organizations can remain continuously compliant with code.

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Empowering DevSecOps on Google Cloud

In this webinar, Nick Rycar, Chef's Technical Product Marketing Manager, will showcase how to use Chef Effortless Infrastructure Suite to scan a GCP instance, flag possible issues, and outline mitigation steps to best manage cloud securitys.

Watch now to learn how to run a Chef InSpec scan on Google Cloud, enable validation of cloud environments against trusted standards with Chef Effortless Infrastructure Suite, and maintain observability of security posture across cloud environments.

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Continuous Delivery: Every Team. Every Change.

IT innovation comes with both risks and rewards. Continuous Delivery (CD) balances the innovation you need against those risks. Frequent, small, versioned changes are pushed across a release pipeline, and everything is automated and tracked, ensuring innovation at the pace the market demands.

In this webinar, Chef’s Scott Ford, Solutions Architect, and Nick Rycar, Technical Product Marketing Manager, will showcase how you can scale continuous delivery across all change events and reduce security breaches, remediate failures and innovate faster.

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Level Up with Chef Effortless Infrastructure

Chef’s Effortless Infrastructure Suite (EIS) combines Chef Infra and Chef InSpec, and is designed to give our customers a reference architecture to turbocharge these initiatives, which enables them to maximise the value they are able to drive using our products.

In this webinar, Jon Cowie, Chef's Principal Customer Architect, will dive into how each functions and how they can be combined to empower your infrastructure transformation projects. Learn how to maximise the value you gain from Chef's EIS, incorporate Chef's EIS in a modern DevOps workflow, and drive continuous compliance to enable your organisation to become a coded enterprise.

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Exit Strategies for Windows Server 2008 End-of-Support

Chef's Trevor Hess, Lead Partner Solutions Architect, and Dan Choquette, Director of Services, will showcase how a major airline was able to capture and re-package their ASP.NET applications running on Windows Server 2008 and pipeline them to Azure in less than three hours. Whether your applications are still being worked on or if the teams have long since moved onto other projects, Chef can help you document, package, and pipeline your legacy applications and their dependencies onto modern systems.

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Cloud Security Assessment for AWS Instances

Cloud computing has provided organizations with tools to create and scale environments with the push of a button. However, these benefits bring with them a host of new challenges and security threats that need to be understood and addressed to do business at enterprise scale.

In this webinar, Nick Rycar, Chef's Technical Product Marketing Manager, will showcase how to use Chef Effortless Infrastructure Suite to scan an AWS account, use the results to discover possible gaps in an organization's security posture, and provide strategies to mitigate the risks unique to managing a cloud environment.

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Secure Your Cloud Estate with Continuous Audits

More and more applications and data are moving to the cloud, and while this transition creates tremendous benefits, it also comes with information security challenges. Join Nick Rycar, Chef's Technical Product Marketing Manager, as he explores these concerns and showcases how a Continuous Audit approach, which helps identify and remediate compliance issues in minutes, can help organizations best plan for, identify, and address these cloud security issues.

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Reduce Audit Pain with Continuous Compliance

As a financial institution, you are subject to a variety of governance and compliance regimes, but that doesn’t mean compliance regulations and audits have to slow you down. Using modern automation practices, organizations can dramatically reduce the burden of compliance audits and policy enforcement while gaining insight and visibility over their IT systems. In this webinar, we’ll dive into how FinServ IT operations, compliance, and security teams can transform how they approach audits through the adoption of continuous compliance.


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Securing Access in Cloud Environments with Saviynt & Chef

Organizations often struggle to provide the right access privileges to their cloud assets, even when managing configurations with Chef. Join Saviynt and Chef to learn how you can provide secure access to your cloud resources while ensuring continuous compliance of your entire cloud estate. During this webinar Vibhuti Sinha, Chief Cloud Officer at Saviynt, and Nick Rycar, Technical Product Marketing Manager at Chef, will demonstrate how to manage access privileges and cloud security with Savyint and Chef Automate.

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Using InSpec with Cisco IOS Devices

Bringing a DevOps approach to network device compliance. Enterprises are under increasing pressure to demonstrate to auditors the security and compliance of their entire IT infrastructure. This includes critical network equipment such as switches, routers, and firewalls. Yet the physical network device layer has been one in which the level of automation is low: Gartner estimates that only 10% of network infrastructure has been automated today. Lack of automation around change management and security of network equipment configurations is both a business and security risk.

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Automating Cloud Compliance with AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate

Reduce the risk and increase the efficiency of your AWS applications by automating compliance with OpsWorks for Chef Automate. OpsWorks for Chef Automate is a managed solution delivered by AWS that easily lets you set up “Chef Automate as a service” freeing you from routine tasks involved with operating and maintaining instances of Chef Automate, enabling you to define and continually inspect/maintain the state of your EC2 system configurations in AWS and beyond.

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Integrating Chef Automate with ServiceNow Incident Management

Customers using Chef and InSpec for infrastructure and compliance automation respectively, need a way to respond to automation errors quickly. These errors could indicate that a critical service is down, or, more seriously, that systems have drifted out of compliance. ServiceNow is an enterprise-grade, hosted IT Service Management (ITSM) system with several modules including Incident Management. We will demonstrate the newly-released integration between Chef Automate and ServiceNow Incident Management and how it allows such errors to notify the right teams and, if necessary, be paged in order to quickly triage and resolve failures.

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