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Speed Delivery and Reduce Risks with DevSecOps

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Did you know DevSecOps adopters are three times as likely to use security as a gateway to accelerate application delivery? 

A new survey from the International Data Group (IDG) shows how adopters of DevSecOps practices can benefit an organization. From reducing risks of breaches and costs to increasing product rollout speed, it is no surprise why they are deploying DevSecOps practices.  

Suppose your organization is considering implementing some of these techniques. In that case, we encourage you to download the 2022 Progress Chef Security & Compliance Report to learn about the impact of integrating security into DevSecOps practices.   

Read how survey participants from industries such as financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and retail utilize DevSecOps practices and how it helps their organizations become more efficient, secure and agile. 

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Download whitepaper

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