Why Chef and Continuous Automation

Secure and compliant infrastructure by design. Across your entire software delivery lifecycle.

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Ship Your Software Faster, Safer and Better with Chef

Chef is the leader in Continuous Automation software, an innovator in application automation and one of the founders of the DevSecOps movement. Chef works with more than a thousand of the most innovative companies around the world to deliver their vision of digital transformation, providing the practices and platform to deliver software at speed.


Enterprise Distribution

Chef provides tested, hardened software distributions proven in mission critical environments. You’ll get the latest in community innovation from Chef, while maintaining security and stability with patches and bug fixes for the life of the product.


Enterprise Content & Updates

Chef provides the quickest and easiest way to get curated content and updates to your Enterprise Automation Stack. Your deployment will always be up to date and using the latest Chef technology.


Automation Expertise

A Chef subscription is your link to extensive automation expertise to help accelerate your success. Chef provides expert guidance from automation experts and access to highly skilled engineers with decades of automation experience.


Assurance & Support

Count on the people who build the technology to support you. With around the clock support, you can trust the Chef team to help you keep things running right. A Chef subscription also provides warranties and indemnification to further limit your risk.

Surviving and thriving with digital transformation

Continuous change is inevitable, and so continuous automation is necessary. The digital leaders of the near-future, both individual and corporate, will be those who are able to provide automation for effortless infrastructure, compliance at velocity, and delivery of any app, anywhere.

Surviving and thriving in a digitally transformed business environment means reduce the friction in development time, and getting ‘from idea to ship’ with speed and safety.

Digital leaders will be defined by how they act to enable their organization’s most aggressive goals at a pace that traditional IT organizations simply cannot achieve, much less maintain.

The benefits of Continuous Automation

Chef aims to solve automation across the enterprise IT estate, and across functional roles, to provide an environment where a business can build, deploy, and manage any software, anywhere. This state of ‘continuous automation’ delivers on huge ROI benefits across multiple modes of automation.

These fundamental changes in time to deliver software offer immediate ROI based on the cost of supporting the enterprise IT estate, but also offer new opportunities to thrive: delivering software as a primary customer interface and channel to revenue.

Chef Automate platform supports all of these modes of automation as a complete platform for continuous automation.

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Modernizing your applications


One consistent, collaborative, and transparent way to ship any application to any environment. Build, deploy, and manage everything in your pipelines and in production.

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Effortless Infrastructure

Chef can manage servers – from 5 or 50,000 of them – by turning the configuration of infrastructure into code. Time-consuming activities like manual patching, configuration updates, and service installations for every server are removed. And infrastructure becomes flexible, version-able, human-readable, and testable.

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Compliance at Velocity

InSpec turns compliance, security, and other policy requirements into automated tests. This open-source language for describing security & compliance rules that can be shared between software engineers, operations, and security engineers. Compliance, security, and other policy requirements become automated tests throughout all stages of the software delivery process – speeding up crucial compliance and security practices.

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Chef Habitat

Deliver Any App, Anywhere

Habitat provides a way to package, then build, deploy, and manage any app to any environment. As enterprises need to be able to ship apps on demand from any part of their portfolio: from legacy monoliths, to commercial off-the-shelf products, to cloud native microservices, they need a unified way to manage the whole portfolio which means packaging for portability, composability and manageability to enable initiatives such as cloud and container migrations as well as maintenance of legacy apps.

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