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The 2023 DevOps Trend Report

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The DevOps movement has revolutionized the way we approach software development, enabling more efficient and streamlined application delivery and release orchestration through CI/CD. By embracing these nuanced methodologies, organizations have not only accelerated the scale and speed at which they release software but have also fundamentally shifted responsibilities onto developers, driving innovation and automation throughout the entire software development life cycle.

Dzone’s 2023 DevOps Trend Report covers everything you need to know about the latest trends, practices, and innovations in DevOps. We've gathered insights from experts in the field, analyzed data and trends, and compiled it all into one comprehensive report.

With this report, you'll discover:

  • The current state of DevOps and how it's evolving
  • The top challenges faced by DevOps teams
  • The latest tools and technologies used in DevOps
  • Best practices for implementing DevOps in your organization
  • The role of DevOps in digital transformation
  • The future of DevOps and where it's headed

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Progress Chef is a proud co-sponsor of DZone’s 2023 DevOps: CI/CD, Application Delivery, and Release Orchestration Trend Report which explores the derivatives of DevOps.

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