Visit the new Learn Chef website today!

Today we launched the refreshed Learn Chef website.

Based on your feedback, we wanted to:

  • Provide a safe learning environment that’s easy to experiment in.
  • Introduce the concepts gradually & provide hands-on experience along the way.
  • Provide a streamlined experience that’s tailored to the server environment you care about most.

Today we launched content for managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS servers, but we’ll soon have companion content for Windows Server and Ubuntu. We also have some ideas in mind for making the site experience even better, as well as additional content to keep the learning experience going. So stay tuned!

Whether you’re new to Chef or wear it like an old hat, your input means a ton. So let us know what you think! Email [email protected] or comment below.

Thomas Petchel

Thomas is technical content lead for Chef's self-paced, online learning site: Before joining Chef, Thomas developed learning content for software developers and worked as a software developer in the online gaming space. Thomas lives in Sarasota, FL with his wife and two daughters.