Thomas Petchel

Thomas is technical content lead for Chef's self-paced, online learning site: Before joining Chef, Thomas developed learning content for software developers and worked as a software developer in the online gaming space. Thomas lives in Sarasota, FL with his wife and two daughters.

Supporting your Journey to Continuous Automation on Learn Chef Rally

Most successful organizations pursue continuous automation in three stages: detect, correct, and automate. Our very own Nick Rycar recently covered this framework at length in both a blog post and webinar. In case you missed it, adopting the DCA frameworks means: Detecting where your systems deviate from your standards.

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Chef on AWS and Azure – New Tracks on Learn Chef Rally

It takes a community of passionate and involved partners to fuel the love of Chef, DevOps, and automation. Our partnerships with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services have made for an exciting experience using Chef Automate. You can learn more about our partner integrations on the Chef web pages for Azure and AWS.

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Learning Habitat with the Chef Training Team

Habitat is an open-source project by Chef that moves an application’s configuration, management, and behavior to the application itself, not the infrastructure that the application runs on. Habitat provides simple and consistent ways to deploy and manage cloud-native applications. In addition to the awesome tutorials on www.habitat.

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Celebrating 10k registered users on Learn Chef Rally

The Learn Chef team has some news to share! In only four months since we launched the new learning site for Chef practitioners we’ve reached an awesome milestone – over 10,000 users have created a Learn Chef Rally account to track their learning progress.

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Chef Automate Pilot: Try Chef Automate using Docker

Chef is excited to announce a new Learn Chef Rally module that introduces you to Chef Automate. Try the Chef Automate Pilot now or read on to learn what it’s all about.

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Learn Chef Rally: New learning site for Chef practitioners

I’m excited to announce the launch of our new learning site for Chef practitioners, Learn Chef Rally. What exactly is Learn Chef Rally? It’s a rethinking of how we help our community of practitioners – both newbies and grizzled veterans – to start and continue learning about Chef, continuous automation, compliance, and DevOps.

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Chef Delivery Tutorial on Learn Chef

Today we released a refresh to our Chef Delivery tutorial on Learn Chef. The refresh features a simpler, automated setup procedure and greater emphasis on building the skills you need to get started with Chef Delivery. The automated setup, which runs on AWS, brings up a fully-functional Chef Delivery installation in minutes.

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Learn Chef – now with tracks for Windows Server and Ubuntu!

Today we released a refresh to the Learn Chef website. Here are some of the top highlights: Tracks for Windows Server and Ubuntu, along with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) & CentOS to help you learn in the server environment you’re most familiar with.

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Visit the new Learn Chef website today!

Today we launched the refreshed Learn Chef website. Based on your feedback, we wanted to: Provide a safe learning environment that’s easy to experiment in. Introduce the concepts gradually & provide hands-on experience along the way. Provide a streamlined experience that’s tailored to the server environment you care about most.

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Hello, developers!

I’m pleased to join Chef this week as technical content lead for I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and talk a bit about my role here and how I can help you. My background mainly centered around client-side systems programming using C++ and .NET on Windows.

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