Learn Chef Rally: New learning site for Chef practitioners

I’m excited to announce the launch of our new learning site for Chef practitioners, Learn Chef Rally.

What exactly is Learn Chef Rally? It’s a rethinking of how we help our community of practitioners – both newbies and grizzled veterans – to start and continue learning about Chef, continuous automation, compliance, and DevOps. It serves as a central location for discovering hands-on, self-paced learning materials.


We can’t wait for you to get started.

This initial release is the beginning of a long-term initiative to help people advance their Chef skills in logical and meaningful ways – from accomplishing specific tasks to mastering the important cultural concepts that fuel DevOps.

What You’ll Experience on Day 1

Here’s what you’ll get on your first day.

Self-Paced, Hands-On Tracks and Modules

For our debut, you can pick from a menu of 11 tracks and over 50 modules. A track groups related learning activities. You can think of it as a curriculum. For example, there’s an Infrastructure Automation track. A module is a specific activity where you accomplish  a particular task. For example, there’s a Build an Ohai Plugin module.

There’s no predetermined path to follow. You can jump in and choose your own adventure, whether that’s sampling a selection of modules from different tracks  or settling on a single track and going from beginning to end. You do what you gotta do.

This intro video provides a great overview what to expect and how to get started:

Log In to Track Your Progress and Earn Badges

For those that like earning badges and documenting their progress, you can log in and create a personal account using auth for various platforms such as GitHub and Google. In your profile, you’ll be able to see which tracks and modules you’ve completed, your progress in unfinished tracks and modules, the badges you’ve collected for finishing tracks, and other accomplishments. You’ll also be notified when there’s new material available.

Learn Chef Rally Badges

If you don’t create an account, you still have access to all the learning materials that everyone else does but we won’t keep a record of your progress.

Sharing of Learning Materials, Your Latest Accomplishments, and Your Profile

See some content or topic that you think others would find valuable? Want to show your peers that you just polished off another track? Want to highlight your profile and all of your accomplishments? You can share all of this via the usual social platforms.

More to Come

We’ve got a lot more in the works. Look for more learning content, more badges, more features and special edition badges and swag. We’re also cooking up a few things for Chef training and Chef certifications.

And, of course, there will be more food-related wordplay and designs.

Get Started

Be sure to sign in and complete the Getting Started track to earn your first badge! (It takes only a few minutes.) Plus you’ll earn the limited edition Grand Opening badge. Get it while it’s hot!

Thomas Petchel

Thomas is technical content lead for Chef's self-paced, online learning site: https://learn.chef.io/. Before joining Chef, Thomas developed learning content for software developers and worked as a software developer in the online gaming space. Thomas lives in Sarasota, FL with his wife and two daughters.