Chef Delivery Tutorial on Learn Chef

Today we released a refresh to our Chef Delivery tutorial on Learn Chef.

The refresh features a simpler, automated setup procedure and greater emphasis on building the skills you need to get started with Chef Delivery.

The automated setup, which runs on AWS, brings up a fully-functional Chef Delivery installation in minutes.

Chef Delivery can deliver both applications and infrastructure. In the tutorial, you’ll deliver changes to a Chef cookbook that configures a basic web application. These changes add an interactive control, shown below, that displays customers’ locations.


You’ll also see how automated testing and team collaboration, two important parts of Chef Delivery’s workflow, reinforce DevOps best practices for delivering applications and infrastructure faster and more safely than ever.

Allow 2-3 hours to perform the installation and complete the tutorial exercises. After you finish, take a moment to give us your feedback on our Discourse site.

Thomas Petchel

Thomas is technical content lead for Chef's self-paced, online learning site: Before joining Chef, Thomas developed learning content for software developers and worked as a software developer in the online gaming space. Thomas lives in Sarasota, FL with his wife and two daughters.