5 reasons why ChefConf ‘21 is a must-attend event

ChefConf returns this fall and is celebrating a noteworthy milestone; the event is now 10 years old! Along with commemorating this occasion, ChefConf ‘21 will feature an abundance of panels and discussions surrounding all subjects related to the Chef platform. Experts will share their point of view on how Progress Chef® has helped them with complex, in-depth DevOps projects. 

ChefConf ’21: Online will be held from September 7th to the 9th, will be exclusively online, much like last year’s event. Those who are back in the office or still at home can attend ChefConf ’21 with no troubles.  

Interested in attending but still on the fence? Not sure what to expect at this year’s ChefConf? We’ve compiled a list of the top five reasons why you should attend. 

  • Reason #1: Grow your DevOps knowledge: Attend sessions of specific interest to you and learn new concepts and ideas that will immediately benefit you and your organization. Deep dive into 30+ technical sessions and demos from industry experts to hear how to adopt and embrace automation, security, and manage complex environments.  
  • Reason #2: Tips for Using Chef: DevOps is a complex world, and sometimes, you need some tips on how to use a platform like Chef. Learn about how to improve your Chef experience, as well as listen for new product announcements, watch live demos, and hear roadmap plan from the Chef team. 
  • Reason #3: Network with Peers: Meet with community from across the globe and engage in group discussions over coffee (or tea!). Who knows, you might even make some new friends! 
  • Reason #4: Learn from Chef Customers: What do Netflix, Google, SAP and Facebook all have in common? They are all Chef customers and representatives will be speaking on panels at ChefConf ‘21. Each of them will share unique stories about their use cases with the Chef platform, and we promise, they are all awesome. 
  • Reason #5: Hack new Innovations: Join the all-new, all-different six-week Chef Hackathon starting September 9th! Guests will learn the details about the upcoming hackathons, so if you are interested, stay tuned for updates. 

If learning and connecting with colleagues wasn’t enough, there’s a chance to win prizes. This year, we will be giving away all sorts of exclusive Chef swag. Attendees can participate in the contests using #CelebrateChefConf on social. And as usual, an incredible and varied lineup of musicians will keep attendees entertained in between sessions and panels. 

Don’t miss out —registration is free, so reserve your spot today! Visit chef.io/chefconf for more updates.


Piyushree Nagrale

Piyushree is a Demand Generation Manager at Progress where she works on recipes to cook new campaigns. When not on laptop scratching her head optimizing campaigns and budgets, Piyushree likes traveling, sketching and trying out new forms of art.