5 Reasons Why You Should Say “Yes!” to Being a Speaker at ChefConf '22

Registrations are now open and preparations for ChefConf '22 are in full swing for the upcoming virtual event. From September 12 to 13, we will host a series of keynotes, panel discussions, and breakout sessions dedicated to our sector of DevSecOps. We have an invitation-only executive track for Progress 360, a discovery zone to learn and meet the teams from all our Progress Business Units, and of course, our invited industry experts. Do you have a story of how Chef Products helped you get to the market faster, saved you time and expenses, and provided first-class security automation - we would love to hear your Chef story.

We want to add to our speaker list, and it could be you. We are also looking for topics that support the following themes:

  • Compliance & Security - Addressing CISO and others focused on security
  • IT Operations - Focusing on DevOps planning and execution
  • IT Leadership - Appealing to those responsible for managing DevOps
  • Better Together / Product Together - combining multiple Chef and/or Progress products
  • Cloud - covering Chef usage across public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud
  • Ease of Use/Productivity - sharing practices to improve team productivity
  • Platform Strategy - presenting the latest Chef platform strategy

This is an open call. If you work with Chef products successfully and want to share your wins with an audience from across the globe, now is your chance. Or maybe you solved a massive challenge within your organization and have lessons that can be helpful to others? Do you have a story about DevSecOps, Cloud Security, CSPM, or Compliance that you want to share? If you are confident your idea will work for ChefConf, send us your ideas before June 30.

But, if you need a little more convincing, learn why you should say yes to being a speaker; check out these top 5 reasons to become a ChefConf speaker.

1. Show Off; It's Okay. Showcase your Thought Leadership and Tips and Tricks

Arguably the most critical aspect of your presentation is the topic, and it is the one aspect that will hook the audience in and keep them invested in what you are talking about. Not to mention, it highlights your expertise in DevSecOps.

Are you discussing current and upcoming industry trends based on analyst reports and your own professional experience? Is there a project you or your team have been actively working on using Chef products making waves within your organization? Are you a manager who has recently adopted a new style for their employees? This is an ideal opportunity to inspire and provide personal insights to folks within DevSecOps.

2. Grow Your Industry Network, and Get to Meet Some Really Cool People

Last year's ChefConf involved registrants networking virtually. This year, with a hybrid approach, people can finally exchange handshakes and business cards in person again. Attendees will meet new peers and influencers within their respective industries. And what better way to do that than speaking at the event? You will be in front of the crowd, impressing everyone with your subject authority. Chances are, they will want to meet you afterward.

3. Gain Support from the Chef Community

Before you present, Chef's Design and Product Marketing teams will provide you with feedback and materials needed to make it the best possible presentation. We aim to ensure you're prepared and ready to go; we don't want to send you out there looking like a deer in a headlight.

4. Exposure -Storytelling is a Great Way to Get Noticed

One of the essential skills for anyone is the ability to tell a good story. Especially if it is directly involved within your industry, examine what you would like to present at ChefConf 2022 and understand that your ability to articulate an exciting technology story or topic is essential in the DevOps sector. The potential impact it could have on your company and others is tremendous and could lead to other speaking opportunities. Our sessions will be recorded and available on-demand from our website for years, and we encourage you to share them.

5. Swag, You Know You Love It!

Who doesn't love free stuff? Especially stuff that is branded explicitly towards a conference?

Ready to talk at ChefConf?

We would love to hear what you'd like to share, but please submit your proposal before June 30.

Some tips for submissions:

  • Please keep it simple, Simon. – Use the title that clearly states the topic and highlights key points. Ensure your abstract is to the point, easy to understand, and does not include unnecessary jargon and acronyms.
  • Ask yourself, "Is this interesting?" – Think about what attendees want to hear and put yourself in their position. What challenges are they facing that you can help resolve? Demonstrate if you have any good use cases to share.
  • Please, review. – Make sure you have thoroughly proofread what you plan to submit. If unsure, don't hesitate to ask someone else to read it.

Remember, June 30 is the deadline for submissions. We look forward to your submissions and topics. #ChefConf22

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Michelle Sebek

Michelle was a senior product marketing manager for Chef.