The Moment We Have All Been Waiting For... ChefConf’22 is Here

Can you believe this September marks our eleventh ChefConf? Neither can we; time flies when you are having fun innovating in the DevSecOps sector, huh?

Since last fall, we’ve been anticipating when our next ChefConf would happen. And we are eager to share the good news with everyone. ChefConf'22 Registration is now open and part of the trifecta of events making up Progress360. The four-day event starts on September 11 with a welcome reception and continues until September 14.

Throughout the four days, registrants can expect to see a myriad of events at ChefConf, DevReach, and the Progress 360 Executive Forum, a separate event featuring specific, leadership-focused keynotes. These events are welcome to registrants and will feature tailor-made content for those deploying DevSecOps in their organization.

Are you interested in attending ChefConf and want to learn more?

ChefConf continues to provide our community, customers, and partners with practices and lessons through a new environment.

Thanks to your feedback and recommendations, we are debuting a hybrid event for ChefConf 2022. Attendees can join us live in Boston or virtually from the comfort of their home office, living room, or anywhere they like. We are going hybrid while simultaneously launching a new multi-dimensional aspect of the event designed to empower and create an even more collaborative environment.

While the conference environment is certainly different from last year, ChefConf carries on our trend of providing the community with a conference scheduled with keynotes, panel discussions, and breakout sessions dedicated to DevSecOps.

Keynotes from our CEO & President Yogesh Gupta will kick off the event followed by Sundar Subramanian, EVP & GM DevOps, and Prashanth Nanjundappa, VP, Product Management, sharing their DevSecOps knowledge and insight. There are sessions like lessons learned from managing the complexity of DevSecOps to how to further innovate with this type of technology to demos to open discussions and round tables. With all that said, ChefConf is not just speaking and breakout sessions; there will be happy hours, networking opportunities, meeting other Chefs and contributors, and the famous awesome Chefs.  We also have some industry experts discuss how they have found even more success using Chef products. ChefConf has some of the best and brightest humans in the industry. You can hear Jay Thoden Val Velzen from SAP, Brittany Woods from H&R Blocks, Stephanie Laingen from Tap Here! & more. Speakers are added to our conference, so check back often.

As a DevSecOps thought leader and industry expert, would you like to join as a speaker? Register here.

Want to be a part of ChefConf, are you intrigued? Register today for in-person or virtual attendance. We guarantee you will leave with actionable takeaways for you, your DevSecOps team, and your organization that will improve your success.

Looking forward to meeting you live or virtually and let’s whip up some awesome.

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Michelle Sebek

Michelle is a product marketing manager for Chef from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Michelle has a plethora of experience in tech specializing in marketing, sales, strategy, and user experience. Michelle is a customer-first marketing and people-first leader. She enjoys entertaining and being entertained. In addition to creating high-impact marketing programs and content, she aims to laugh at least once a day. She is an alumna of the California University of Pennsylvania.

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