A new look for Progress Chef

Today we’re announcing new branding for Chef and all our products, and we wanted to take a second to introduce the new look and feel.

Chef: the brand

The Chef brand means a lot to all of us in the Chef community. When Progress acquired Chef fourteen months ago, the brand was one of the things that really excited the Progress team about Chef. It represents great technology, but even more importantly it represents helpful people and a welcoming community. Today the familiar Chef “morse code” logo will begin to be retired, but the Chef brand name will carry on. Most importantly, Progress Chef will continue our commitment to “help teams accelerate their DevOps journeys.”

When Chef joined Progress, we began to align the Progress and Chef brands most notably with our combined logo, while keeping the Chef look and feel intact. This phase allowed Progress to be intentional and aware before making any changes. The Chef brand touches users, employees, customers, and the rest of the DevOps industry. All these people have been invested in the Chef brand, and any change to the brand could be potentially disruptive to all of them.

The last year has allowed those who interact with Chef on a regular basis to become acclimated with the Progress brand. It also allowed Progress to get to know those folks and earn trust within the community.

The new look

Starting today, the new branding begins its roll-out with a new look for chef.io:

The new look is live now, but you’ll notice that none of the content has moved! Your links should still work, and anything you referenced regularly will still be there! (if you encounter any problems, send me an email or a quick note in community slack).

Q & A

When sharing this new branding internally we heard some questions that we know members of our external community will have as well.

Are you changing the names of the software?

Nope! We will continue to use the names that we all know and love. Chef will continue to be part of the product names. In most places you will see us shift from things like Chef Infra to Progress Chef Infra, incorporating both the company name, the brand name, and the software name. For example:

Will anything about using the products change?

We are not planning to make any changes to the command-line interfaces, API calls, or Git Repos which might cause disruption to currently established workflows. However, you will see update branding in the UIs over the coming year.

Where do I find the new logo?

On the Chef brand page! You can view the Progress logo on progress.com and other Progress brands.

With what should I replace the old morse code Chef logo?

The Progress symbol will replace the Chef logo, which you can find on the Chef brand page.

What’s next?

The launch today is just the start! We will start rolling out the new branding across our social media accounts and all our web properties throughout 2022.

This process had the added benefit of allowing us to evaluate how branding was done across all the product lines at Progress and build a standard that we will be able to use everywhere! You will see the same patterns start to appear across all the Progress brands.

If you have feedback you’d like to share, I’m all ears! Send it on over, or join us at our next community roundtable on January 12th. We’ll also be talking about the product roadmap for 2022, so it’s well worth your time.

benny Vasquez

benny has been building communities for nearly her entire life. Her passion for technology is rooted in customer success, but she's done everything from managing a specialty toy store to technical support.