A trip to the Wayback Machine: DevOps Kung Fu and throwback t-shirts

With ChefConf18 coming up in May, we’ve been digging into the archives to share some of attendee’s favorite sessions from past events. This week, we’re going back to 2015 where Chef CTO and co-founder Adam Jacob shares his thoughts and insights on the relationship and similarity between DevOps practices and Kung Fu. In this session, Adam speaks to the core of his DevOps practice in his dojo, including his principles, forms, and application of DevOps in this influential presentation that holds true today.

Check out the video from ChefConf 2015 in the player below. Adam and the rest of the Chef team will be sharing the latest strategies and techniques to get the most from DevOps and Automation practices at ChefConf 2018 in Chicago.

Want to Rock Retro Style?

In the spirit of the history of ChefConf, we’re bringing back one of our most popular Chef shirts from the past.

Want your own? Just register for ChefConf 2018 today (March 8) and the special edition t-shirt with a retro vibe will be yours. Check out the sessions and register for ChefConf18 at https://chefconf.chef.io/.

Matt Carter

Matt Carter is Senior Director of Product Marketing at Chef. For 20 years Matt Carter has created end-to-end marketing and evangelism programs for companies and products in the developer and IT space, including Microsoft, Hortonworks, Shippable and TDWI. Matt is based in Seattle, WA, where he enjoys playing tennis and honing his BBQ skills. Contact Matt at [email protected].