Announcing the ChefConf 2015 Schedule

It’s here! The ChefConf 2015 schedule is now live and being updated continuously (well, maybe not continuously, but pretty frequently).

This year’s ChefConf will feature more than 40 sessions of dynamite content, from technical how-to presentations and demos, to examinations of cultural change and organizational structure. Here’s just a small slice of who’s speaking:

– Bloomberg: “Chef Patterns at Bloomberg Scale”

– Etsy: “Workflow Design: Extracting Signal from the Noise”

– Facebook: “There and back again: How we drank the Chef Kool-Aid, sobered up, and learned to cook responsibly”

– Microsoft: “Powershell from the Ground Up”

– PagerDuty: “Bloated Chefs: A Tale of Gluttony, and the Path to Enlightenment”

You can read about these sessions and many more over on the ChefConf schedule. In the coming weeks we’ll be spotlighting lots of these talks here on the Chef blog, giving you more info on the speakers, their content, and, of course, why you should join us at ChefConf.

Oh, and for those of you who made it this far, we’re extending early pricing until this coming Wednesday, 2/4, at 11:59 pm PT, so you’ll have a few more days to save money on your registration.

See you in Santa Clara!

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee