Announcing the release of Management Console and Reporting 1.0.0 for Enterprise Chef

Today we are announcing the release of two add-on components for Enterprise Chef 11.0.2 – Management Console and Reporting.

  • Management Console is a complete rewrite of the existing Chef web interface, providing a more action-oriented view of your infrastructure.
  • Reporting keeps track of what happened during the execution of chef-client runs across all of the infrastructure being managed by your Chef server.


We previewed early versions of both of these at ChefConf this year, and we’re excited that these are now available for both on-premise and hosted Enterprise Chef customers.

Existing Enterprise Chef customers should contact their Opscode sales representative for access to the add-ons. Hosted Enterprise Chef customers can access the new Management Console including Reporting at – we’ll be working the next few weeks to move it onto its final home at

Note: To use the Reporting feature you should be running chef-client 11.6.X or 11.8.2 (11.8.0 had a regression where the data is not sent correctly to the reporting service.

James Casey

James Casey is the VP of Partner Integration at Chef.