James Casey

James Casey is the VP of Partner Integration at Chef.

Chef Automate Incident Creation application with ServiceNow

Today I’m excited to announce that we’ve released our first app in the ServiceNow store: Chef Automate Incident Creation.

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Chef at Google Next 2018

Chef will be at the Google Next 2018 conference in San Francisco, California, July 24-26. Google Next is where developers come together to share challenges, solutions, 10x ideas, and game-changing technologies. Google is a great partner of Chef and we’re always excited for opportunities to show how our technologies work well together.

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Chef Deepens Support for Google Cloud Platform

Building on the work we announced last fall to help you provision GCP resources with Chef cookbooks, and in honor of ChefConf 2018, Chef and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) have been working together in several exciting ways: Extending coverage of InSpec for popular GCP resources Adding Habitat support for Google Container Registry Offering additional Chef […]

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Deploy your applications to Azure using Habitat, Azure Container Registry and Azure Kubernetes Service

We’re excited to attend Microsoft’s Build 2018 conference in Seattle this week. Build is Microsoft’s premier developer event, where the most innovative minds in tech meet under one roof to get inspired, create tomorrow, and code the future.

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Walkthrough – Publishing Habitat packages to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

We recently added support in Habitat Builder for Azure Container Registry (ACR). With this integration you can export to Azure Container Registry as part of your build job and use those containers inside AKS.

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Chef + Saviynt: Putting Governance into your DevOps workflow

A key reason that an enterprise adopts infrastructure automation is to allow for the fast and efficient deployment and ongoing management of their infrastructure.

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Enterprise Ready Habitat Plans Now Available

Today at ChefConf 2017 we are excited to launch a new program for enterprise content around Habitat and announce a first set of “enterprise ready” Habitat plans. The plans are all open source and serve as best practice references to guide you as you write plans for your own applications.

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Chef boards the DevOps Express with CloudBees, GitHub, Atlassian and more

You may often have more questions than answers as you progress along your DevOps journey. Which tools should I choose? Do these tools work well together? What have other people done in my situation? You’re often left Googling to find the right integrations and piece together an architectural solution.

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Enterprise Chef 11.3.0 Release

In January we released Chef analytics 1.1 which added some great new features including * a flexible rules engine for notifications * inline diffs in the actions view * a new webhook notification destination At the time of the release, Chef analytics relied upon features only available in Chef Server 12.

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Release: Reporting Add-on 1.2.2

Today we have released a new version of the Reporting Add-on 1.2.2 which includes database schema changes to deal with creating partitions for 2015 and additional indexes to improve performance. We recommend all users upgrade to this release to help with both scalability and performance.

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