Chef boards the DevOps Express with CloudBees, GitHub, Atlassian and more

You may often have more questions than answers as you progress along your DevOps journey. Which tools should I choose? Do these tools work well together? What have other people done in my situation? You’re often left Googling to find the right integrations and piece together an architectural solution.

Today, I’m excited to announce that Chef is joining DevOps Express, a new industry initiative comprised of 14 leading DevOps vendors and service providers. Led by CloudBees and Sonatype, and including everyone from Atlassian to GitHub, this initiative is focused on creating solutions that will help you adopt DevOps practices. Specifically, by defining reference architectures and highlighting best practices, supported integrations and solutions, we believe that DevOps Express will simplify and accelerate DevOps adoption for organizations of all kinds.

DevOps Express uses popular technologies spanning multiple solution components to provide a framework for building reference architectures that are better integrated and supported. Creating reliable and actionable reference architectures for organizations will ease DevOps adoption and minimize risk for organizations. For more information on DevOps Express see

DevOps is collaborative by its very nature – it’s all about bringing teams together. This includes cultural transformation, breaking down silos between disparate teams, and working together around the common goal of adding value for customers. These principles are just as true for us, the vendors providing tools to help you on your DevOps journey. We too must break down silos and work together to provide more value for you, our common customer.  I’m looking forward to what we’ll build.

James Casey

James Casey is the VP of Partner Integration at Chef.