Release: Reporting Add-on 1.2.2

Today we have released a new version of the Reporting Add-on 1.2.2 which includes database schema changes to deal with creating partitions for 2015 and additional indexes to improve performance.

We recommend all users upgrade to this release to help with both scalability and performance.

Here are the list of changes that are included in this release:

### omnibus-reporting 1.2.2
* Update mixlib-shellout to recover from the yanked 1.6.0 version

### oc-reporting-pedant 1.0.1
* Update mixlib-shellout to 1.6.0

### oc_reporting 1.4.34
* Add in partitions for 2015
* Add some extra indexes for performance

## How to get it?

You can visit our download page.

## Installation.

To install, do an `opscode-reporting-ctl reconfigure` as normal, and after you need to carry out one manual step:

1. On you Chef server backend host run:

“`su -l opscode-pgsql -c ‘psql –dbname opscode_reporting“`
“`–single-transaction –set ON_ERROR_STOP=1“`
“`–set database_name=opscode_reporting“`
“`–file /opt/opscode-reporting/embedded/service/opscode-reporting/db/permissions.sql’“`

James Casey

James Casey is the VP of Partner Integration at Chef.