Chef Automate Incident Creation application with ServiceNow

Today I’m excited to announce that we’ve released our first app in the ServiceNow store: Chef Automate Incident Creation.

The Chef Automate Incident Creation application allows you to easily generate incidents in the ServiceNow Incident Management environment whenever you have failures in your Chef-managed platform, due to either infrastructure automation updates failing or automated compliance check failures. This integration with ServiceNow gives you the ability to capture all failures across your estate for resolution and tracking purposes as a way to ensure any infrastructure automation problems are resolved rapidly and compliance failures are tracked and corrected based on internal best practices.

The app gives you a unified view of all Chef and compliance failures inside ServiceNow. It includes intelligent data management and event de-duplication to reduce overall alert noise, allowing you to see when there is a real problem without getting alert fatigue.

Integrating with ServiceNow has been the most requested integration by our users. Generally, there are three different use cases that come up:

  • Incident Management: the ability for Chef Automate to create ServiceNow incident tickets for Chef or InSpec failures across your fleet
  • CMDB integration: the ability for Chef Automate to act as a source of CMDB data for ServiceNow
  • ServiceNow workflow integration: the ability to expose actions in Chef Automate (e.g. update configurations, trigger InSpec scans) as activities in ServiceNow workflows

If this has been #1 on your integration list I invite you to install the Chef Automate Incident Creation app into your ServiceNow instance and configure it to communicate to your Chef Automate server.

We’ll be releasing more ServiceNow apps to cover the other use cases soon, making sure that all your requirements for ServiceNow integrations with Chef Automate are covered.

Learn more

Register now to join our live webinar on Thursday, October 4th, at 10:00 AM PT. You’ll see a demo of the newly released integration and have a chance to participate in live Q&A with Chef engineers that helped build this app.

James Casey

James Casey is the VP of Partner Integration at Chef.