Auditing with InSpec – New Chef Certification Exam

If you read Julian Dunn’s recent blog post and the follow up InSpec 2.0 Cloud Resources Mini-Tutorial you know that Chef recently launched InSpec 2.0. “InSpec helps you express security and compliance requirements as code and incorporate it directly into the delivery process, eliminating ambiguity and manual processes to help you ship faster while remaining secure.”

Connected with the launch of InSpec 2.0 is the introduction of our newest certification exam: Auditing with InSpec. Earning this badge demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of InSpec core principles. Those who earn this badge can execute InSpec both locally and on remote systems to ensure that audit and compliance standards are monitored. To pass this exam you should be able to write custom profiles and controls, read existing profiles, and bridge the gap between written compliance policies and executable code. You should also understand the difference between InSpec audit controls and integration/functional infrastructure tests.

Prepare for certification

Not sure if you are ready? Come on over to Learn Chef Rally where we have a learning track focused on InSpec. All of the modules in the Compliance Automation with InSpec track and the Create a custom InSpec profile module in the Integrated Compliance with Chef track support a positive exam result.

If this will be your first certification exam offered by Chef, then click here for information to help you get started. On that page you will find details of all badges, instructions on scheduling an exam, and links to documents specifying the scope of each exam. This information will help you determine if you are ready or need additional skill development.

Why Get Chef Certified?

  • By demonstrating Chef proficiency you are paving the way to a growing career focused on automation and DevOps
  • With the growing need for Chef and InSpec practitioners, you put yourself in line for a promotion or a new career opportunity
  • Achieving certification from Chef is an inexpensive way to show proof that your expertise is staying current with the needs of the industry

Here are the badges available to be earned:

Next Steps

  • Visit the Chef Certification page for resources on getting started and to schedule your exam
  • Register for ChefConf 2018 and plan to get certified onsite at the conference for free

John Fitzpatrick

John is a Training Program Manager at Chef. He also delivers training classes on Chef, and is an organiser of both 'DevOps Belfast' and 'Chef Users London' meetup groups.