John Fitzpatrick

John is a Training Program Manager at Chef. He also delivers training classes on Chef, and is an organiser of both 'DevOps Belfast' and 'Chef Users London' meetup groups.

Policyfiles: A Chef Best Practice

I am excited to announce that Policyfiles are now covered in Learn Chef Rally. Policyfiles have become mainstream and are a best practice for managing your estate with Chef.

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Auditing with InSpec – New Chef Certification Exam

If you read Julian Dunn’s recent blog post and the follow up InSpec 2.0 Cloud Resources Mini-Tutorial you know that Chef recently launched InSpec 2.0.

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What’s new in Chef Certification 2.0

There are some exciting things happening in Chef Certification right now. If you dipped in previously and haven’t progressed, then you should come back to check it out. Before you do, here are some highlights of the changes.

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Chef Certification: What it is and how to do it

The Chef Certification Program is an exciting opportunity to deliver more value for your organization and take your career to the next level. Chef skills are in greater demand than ever.

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