AJ Christensen

Chef 0.7.14, Ohai 0.3.6 Releases

Piping hot from the kitchen, I’m pleased to announce the release of both Chef 0.7.14 and Ohai 0.3.6. Thom May is awarded the MVP this release for fixing Chef to manage Yum correctly on CentOS4 with some well-appreciated Python skill.

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Chef 0.7.12rc0, Ohai 0.3.4rc0 release(s)

It’s that time again! I’m pleased to announce the release candidates of Chef 0.7.12 and Ohai 0.3.4. I hope you’ll take the time to test both releases on a development snapshot of any production infrastructure, and report bugs towards the 0.7.12 and 0.3.4 projects on JIRA. I’ve tentatively scheduled the release of 0.7.12 and 0.3.

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Chef 0.7.10 Release

Today I bring to you a tasty new release of Chef, courtesy of our fantastic MVP, Daniel (kallistec) DeLeo. Dan scoops the MVP for a snappy refactor, and some very cool in-progress SCM work which I’m sure we'll all see soon.

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Chef 0.7.8 Release

Jeppe Nejsum Madsen scoops up the MVP this release for fixing an annoying bug related to fetching remote files, usually encountered in combination with Amazon's Simple Storage Service (CHEF-296) – and also for alerting us to his patch being missing from 0.7.6!  Thanks, for the patch, and the keen eye, Jeppe.

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