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Upcoming Webinar: Automating OpenStack and Ceph at DreamHost with Private Chef

As you may know, we officially announced our new Chef for OpenStack solution last week.  On the heels of that exciting news, we are pleased to be hosting an OpenStack-focused webinar with Opscode Private Chef™ customer DreamHost early next month. DreamHost is a global Web and cloud hosting provider with over 330,000 customers and 1.

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Upcoming Webinar on Sept 19th with 10gen and Gazzang

We are participating in a webinar with our partners 10gen and Gazzang to talk about quickly spinning up secure versions of MongoDB using Opscode Chef and Gazzang zNcrypt.

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Join us for a webinar with on Continuous Delivery

Here at Opscode we have customers using Chef to implement some amazing use cases.  One of these is continuous delivery, which has emerged as an important strategy for enabling development teams to continuously build, test, and deploy software at the speed businesses need while reducing risk through incremental change.

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Why Chef?

Bryan Barry over at the devopsanywhere blog has written a great post about Chef containing his thoughts on why you might want to start using Chef to manage your infrastructure.

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