benny Vasquez

benny has been building communities for nearly her entire life. Her passion for technology is rooted in customer success, but she's done everything from managing a specialty toy store to technical support. She lives in a tiny house in Michigan, and there's a 90% chance she's got at least four 1/2 done craft projects on the table next to her.

Chef GitHub Maintainer List and Permissions Changes

Early in 2019, we made some pretty major changes to how members of the community gain access and roles in the various Chef Infra, Chef Habitat, and Chef Inspec Github projects. While these changes were discussed heavily in the Community Slack, they were not captured in a durable medium for future reference.

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Hi, I’m benny. How can I help?

Hi! I’m benny. I like music, baking, crochet, books, and Pitbulls. I’ve just started getting back into gardening, and love to watch American football (always rooting for my poor Detroit Lions). I’ve lived in Michigan (the high-five of the US) most of my life, but snow and I have a love-hate relationship.

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