Clinton Wolfe

Clinton Wolfe is a software engineer at Chef, helping build the cloud functionality of InSpec. In a previous life, he was a DevOps consultant, which meant he voluntarily chose to go into heavily siloed, dysfunctional organizations and try to get them to talk to each other with as few stabbings as possible. He is especially interested in testable infrastructure, and the processes needed to support quality and compliance throughout the application lifecycle.

Product Announcement: Chef Workstation Released as Generally Available!

Chef Workstation Released as Generally Available! Chef Workstation, the toolkit for infrastructure automation and compliance, has reached General Availability (GA) with lots of great new features and changes.

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5 Things You Can Do with Chef InSpec Input

Chef InSpec defines security and compliance rules as executable code for testing and auditing applications and infrastructure. Chef InSpec compares the actual state of a system with the desired state that is expressed in easy-to-read and easy-to-write code.

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Understanding Singular and Plural InSpec resources

InSpec enables you to automate compliance by expressing the expected state of many things. A common need is to find a group of things, then examine them in detail. If you are using the cloud, you know that cloud security is paramount, but difficult to keep enforced.

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Chef Cloud Security and Chef InSpec 5 Launch