Damith Karunaratne, CEO at ShuttleOps

Damith is passionate about building loved and trusted software for developers. Over the last decade, he has helped small to Fortune 50 companies solve complex technology issues. Over the last 5 years, Damith focused on driving DevOps adoption in partnership with top technology vendors such as Chef Software and HashiCorp. Today, Damith is the CEO of ShuttleOps, a new and innovative No-Code CI/CD platform that helps organizations automate application delivery, without writing code.

Effortless CI/CD: Accelerating Chef Habitat Application Delivery

The blog below is a guest blog post written by ShuttleOps, one of our ChefConf Online sponsors. Consistent Application Packaging The Chef Enterprise Automation Stack (“EAS”) and the “Effortless” pattern were created to give organizations the ability to automate configuration management, compliance and application delivery via a unified set of tools.

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