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Watch | Chef & AWS: Your Path to DevOps

On Tuesday, May 17th, I co-presented a live webinar covering a showcase of some of the latest Chef integrations with AWS. You can watch the recording below. Most of the components we presented have been available to you in the Chef framework for quite some time.

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ChefConf Retrospective

ChefConf 2015 has officially wrapped up.  This year’s conference was chock full of exciting announcements, astute content, good times, and that special brand of unique Chef community camaraderie.  I have to admit, I’m having ChefConf withdrawals. My first day working at Chef was the day our very first ChefConf got underway.

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Chef is going BIG at AWS re:Invent

AWS re:Invent is just around the corner and all of us here at Chef are pretty fired up.  The show is sold out, so hopefully you were able to snag tickets.

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Managing Users and SSH Keys in a Hybrid World

Managing users is one of the contrived (but applicable) examples we use in Chef Fundamentals training to help onboard new Chefs to the idea of writing data-driven cookbooks.

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Breaking Changes: Xcode 5.1 (osx)

Ohai Chefs, We have a number of OSX users in the community (myself included) and some of you may have recently noticed issues extending Chef functionality by installing ruby gems like berkshelf, chefspec, and foodcritic which require building native extensions.

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