Keka Ichinose

Keka is the product manager for Chef InSpec and Chef Automate - Compliance. He has been learning and honing DevOps practices for the last 15 years, helping improve the operational excellence of AT&T, Expedia, and The Walt Disney Company just to name a few. His passion is using automation to answer the questions of today so he can start answering the as-yet unexplored and more compelling questions of tomorrow.

Chef for Compliance Announcement: Waivers Support

Today Chef announces compliance waiver support within Chef InSpec and Chef Automate. Using Chef for compliance provides a holistic solution for enterprises to achieve continuous compliance. Companies audit their various endpoints for compliance against CIS or DISA standards using Chef InSpec, while viewing the aggregate compliance state of their fleet in Chef Automate.

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Reintro to Chef InSpec 4.0 and End of Life Announcement for v1.x and v2.x

With all of the excitement during ChefConf 2019, you may have missed that we released Chef InSpec 4.0 in May 2019. We put a focus on optimizing the core Chef InSpec product while making it more extensible and capable in handling the next generation of resources. The highlights of Chef InSpec version 4.

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