Kimball Johnson

Kimball is a Developer Advocate at Chef Software, where he spends his days creating the best training content for enabling the coded enterprise. His ten plus years of experience in the world of DevOps and Automation with a wide variety of tools with many large enterprises has given him great insight into the benefits of Automation and Testing and will use that experience to lead you in your first steps into your own journey.

The Pathway to a New World Skills Validation Program

About a year ago, I talked about how we were going to refresh the Chef Certification program, and the need to update it to match our modernised product line up.  Since then a lot has happened, both at Chef Software and in the world in general.

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Learn Chef in a Whole New Way

Today at ChefConf Online we took the wraps off Learn Chef, our new online learning platform for the Chef community. Three years ago we launched Learn Chef Rally, which brought together our online training in a single, no-cost offering.

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10 Years of DevOps

10 years of DevOps? That’s a bit of a controversial title, but Jody Wolfborn and I have just returned from speaking at the 10th Anniversary DevOpsDays in Ghent, Belgium.

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Chef Certification Refresh

In the past 6 months, Chef has taken a number of big steps forward as we modernize our automation solutions including the announcement of Chef Enterprise Automation Stack, the new versions of Chef Infra, Chef InSpec and Chef Habitat, and a shift to 100% Open Source software.

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