Michael Sorens

Michael Sorens is a Chef senior software engineer working on ChefAutomate, and is passionate about productivity, process, and quality. He enjoys spreading the seeds of good design wherever possible, having written over 100 articles, more than a dozen wallcharts, and posted in excess of 200 answers on StackOverflow.

Now What Were Those Permissions for This User Again?

If you have had occasion to try out the new IAM (Identity and Access Management) rollout for Chef Automate, you are probably eager to connect projects, policies, users and teams to give your organization the fine-grained separation of control vital to your business.

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ChefConf 2019 from an Engineering Perspective

Wow! I made it to ChefConf 2019! It was an incredible experience, filled with high-energy from not just the Chef folks themselves, but from the amazing group of Chef collaborators, customers, and community members.

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