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Notes from the Lab: What’s Keeping Marginalized Groups Out of Tech?

An article I wrote with Jez Humble, “The Core Belief Keeping Marginalized Groups Out of Tech,” is available online in Model View Culture [link]. I think it’s an interesting look at some recent trends about what keeps marginalized groups out of tech.

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Notes from the Lab: Community Cookbooks Survey Results

In the final post in our series on the Community Cookbooks Survey, we turn it over to Nicole to report the results. To catch up on how the project began and the science behind it, see these posts here and here.

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Notes from the Lab: What Matters in Knowledge Sharing?

Hello again! I mentioned in my intro blog that, before coming to Chef, I was an academic, and I am actively researching the ways tech professionals choose and use technology. A large part of that effort is writing and publishing peer-review research.

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Greetings from the lab

Ohai, Chefs! This is my first post on the Chef blog, and I’m thrilled to be part of this fantastic community of innovators. It was great to meet so many of you at ChefConf 2015, where I spoke in the plenary session.

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