Pauly Comtois

OpenSSL Heartbleed Security Update

Good day Chefs! As some of you may know, CVE-2014-0160 (“Heartbleed”) announced a vulnerability in certain versions of OpenSSL. Chef uses OpenSSL in its platforms (both hosted and on premise). We take the security of our software and your data very seriously.

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2/12/2014 API Impact

We experienced a brief outage yesterday, and we are sorry about the inconvenience. We know how frustrating it can be when a chef-client cannot connect to the server.At 00:12 UTC the firewall configuration was modified to use TCP for syslog to keep syslog messages from being dropped/lost over UDP.

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Public Wiki and Tickets Update

Opscode, working in conjunction with our software vendor, is in the final stages of resolving issues created by the recent security breach. We plan on bringing our public wiki and ticketing system back online Monday, August 5th at 1:00 PM Pacific Time.

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Opscode Security Breach Update

I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding as we resolve this unfortunate event that took place this week. We greatly value our customers and take security very seriously.

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Announcing Commercial Support for Open Source Chef

Supporting our customers has always been top of our priority list here at Opscode. Ensuring that you, the customer, are successful at learning and leveraging the considerable power of Chef requires a team of dedicated professionals. Opscode has historically been a community-driven product, with collaboration and openness at the forefront of that movement.

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Introducing the new Opscode Documentation site

Introducing! We have created a new documentation website, which will become the new home for all of the documentation about Chef. The initial effort has focused around migrating the most accessed and valuable sections first.

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Hosted Chef Degraded Performance Post Mortem

On Friday, October 26th between 1228 and 2046 UTC, Opscode Hosted Chef was in a degraded state with significantly reduced throughput and a high rate of timeout errors for API requests. We deeply regret this inconvenience to our customers, and want to explain the cause of the reduction in performance.

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