Ryan Cragun

Ryan is a software engineer working on the Partner Engineering team at Chef. When he's not integrating Chef into other software platforms you'll find him backpacking the Cascades with his dogs, playing in natural bodies of water or enjoying some form of music.

Chef Compliance is now available on the AWS Marketplace

Ohai Chefs! We’re pleased to announce that our new Chef Compliance offering is now available in the AWS Marketplace.  Like our existing Chef Server AMI’s, there are seven AMI’s that come fully licensed in range of different node counts. These new compliance features enable you to automate the assessment and remediation of your IT infrastructure.

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Chef Marketplace 0.0.2 Released

Ohai Chefs! I’m pleased to announce that Chef Marketplace 0.0.2 has been released and new AMI’s are available on the Amazon Marketplace.  Here are some of this release’s highlights: New chef-marketplace Omnibus package Chef Analytics support New chef-marketplace-ctl commands Chef Server, Manage, and Reporting packages have been updated.

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