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Partner Spotlight: Booz Allen Hamilton Project Jellyfish 2.0

Project Jellyfish 2.0: The Next Step for Cloud Brokering Last year was a big one for Booz Allen’s cloud broker team.

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Chef and Orchestration

When talking about the management of complex systems, orchestration is always a hot topic. This is because orchestration is often seen as the easiest way to represent and model complex systems, as well as provide a path to delivering complex systems. Most often orchestration is represented through a topology model.

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Achieving “Awesomness” with Opscode Chef (Part 2)

In part 1 of this series we focused primarily on the value of leverage and how tools, inside and outside of the context of IT can directly influence the output of the desired function.

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Achieving “Awesomness” with Opscode Chef (Part I)

I’d like to start by sharing a statement that was articulated to me a while ago by a vendor of antiquated enterprise technologies : “It’s not about the tool but the craftsman that wields it.

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Chef Cloud Security and Chef InSpec 5 Launch