Tom Duffield

Tom is an Software Development Engineer with Chef. With Chef he uses his 10+ years of software development and 5+ years of consulting experience to help everyone become successful with Chef. When not working Tom spends his time knowing far too much about astronomy.

Announcing the release of ChefDK 1.0

We’re happy to announce the release of ChefDK 1.0.3! The decision to promote ChefDK to 1.0 was made with input from the community at the 2016 Chef Community Summit in Seattle – a reflection of ChefDK’s maturity and stability. Release Highlights Foodcritic Foodcritic constraint updated to require v8.0 or greater.

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Release: Chef Container 0.2.0 (beta)

This week, Chef released a version of the Chef client that can run inside a Linux container. This container-friendly client is called chef-container. In this post we’ll give you an introduction to chef-container, its purpose and its components. We’ll also tell you about a new knife plugin for managing container images.

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Upgrading Chef using Chef

One of our goals here at Chef (née Opscode) is to make installing Chef on a new node as easy as possible so that you can start enjoying the benefits of automation with minimal delay. But what happens to nodes that stick around for extended periods of time?

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