Automate to Migrate on Channel 9

Fully embracing the power of the Chef ecosystem has had a tremendous impact in allowing people to continuously deliver your infrastructure no matter where it lives. With Chef being cloud agnostic as to where it is deployed, it allows people to reliably build out their infrastructure on premise, or to the cloud of their choosing.

We’ve been working with our friends at Microsoft’s Channel 9 to deliver a series of webinars around DevOps.
The first episode of our webinar series explored how maintaining compliance is vital to embracing DevOps and continuous delivery. In the upcoming second episode, “Automate to Migrate,” we’ll be talking about how the Chef Workflow can be a catalyst to your cloud migration and enable you to deliver your infrastructure and applications no matter where it may be.

This webinar will be especially helpful for those who are considering a migration to the cloud and need a good overview of the work that will be required for their migration to be a success, but will also be helpful for anyone who would like to know more about the Chef workflow and how it can help them be more successful in managing their infrastructure.

During the webinar we’ll discuss what is required when you are beginning your migration to the cloud and how the Chef workflow can be an important part of making your migration a success. We will also walk through defining an application deployment as code, utilizing test driven development on our Chef code, and then ensuring that our testing matrix is continually testing our code against the platform of your choice whether its Azure or in your datacenter.

Check out this short trailer for our upcoming episode:

Andre Elizondo

Former Chef Employee