Andre Elizondo

Former Chef Employee

Chef at DevOpsDays Vancouver

The Chef team was at DevOpsDays Vancouver, March 31 – April 1. This was the 3rd year of this event and it was a wealth of awesome interactions with the DevOps community. The morning presentations included a talk by our own, Nell Shamrell, about open source governance.

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Automate to Migrate on Channel 9

Fully embracing the power of the Chef ecosystem has had a tremendous impact in allowing people to continuously deliver your infrastructure no matter where it lives. With Chef being cloud agnostic as to where it is deployed, it allows people to reliably build out their infrastructure on premise, or to the cloud of their choosing.

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Guest Post: Chef Extension for Visual Studio Code

Stuart Preston is an incredibly valued member of the Chef community and has been a key contributor in making an awesome experience using Chef along with the Microsoft product line. Stuart’s most recent addition to the Chef ecosystem is an extension for Visual Studio Code for developing your Chef code.

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