Back to Back! Chef 0.7.2 and Chef 0.7.4 released.

We didn't do a blog post for Chef 0.7.2, as it was released in the midst of VelocityConf. And thanks to our observant community, we're releasing Chef 0.7.4 earlier than originally planned to fix a few bugs that crept in.

Speaking of community, it's time to honor our MVP. Since we're talking about two releases, we have two MVP's. The first, for version 0.7.2 is 37signals own Joshua Sierles. He did a lot of the leg work in finding and reporting bugs related to Roles and Metadata when using Chef Solo. The second MVP, for 0.7.4, is Hongli Lai from Phusion. We're totally stoked to have Phusion contributing, and Hongli jumped right in with a fix for a 100% CPU utilization bug, moved search from chef-server to chef to improve spec testing, and fixed an openid authorization check in the web interface.

Hongli Lai

Other members of the community were rockstars too. For version 0.7.2, Mark Imbriaco fixed an issue where Ohai wouldn't get run if node_name were set in the configuration. Joe Williams fixed a chef-server-slice namespace mismatch issue. Matthew Kent came back to fix a few more issues. Caleb Tennis fixed an issue of mismatched versions between chef-server and chef-server-slice, and made 'last update' on the status page more sensible. For version 0.7.4, Scott Likens resolved an issue where Passenger would
fail to load the chef-server due to a configuration setting, and fixed
some stray random characters.

Opscode was busy as well between both versions. AJ Christensen got
right to work as the release maintainer and resolved many tickets as
well as handling the release management. Joshua Timberman did some
documentation updates and fixed up chef-repo related Rake tasks.

Full release notes are below the fold…

Release Notes – Chef – Version 0.7.2

** Bug
    * [CHEF-166] – chef-server-slice rake install does not pick up merb-core dependency correctly
    * [CHEF-299] – chef client running under runit does not restart
    * [CHEF-348] – chef-server-slice version isn't tied to chef-server when loaded
    * [CHEF-355] – Test chef::rest, chef::couchdb for remote DoS due to BigDecimal
    * [CHEF-359] – Using chef-server-slice results in exceptions.rb "superclass mismatch for class Exceptions"
    * [CHEF-360] – rake tasks should copy roles
    * [CHEF-362] – undefined method `sync=' for "/var/log/chef/server.log":String (NoMethodError)
    * [CHEF-367] – node run_list is empty when running chef-client with a json file specifying run_list
    * [CHEF-369] – chef-indexer pid and permissions
    * [CHEF-372] – chef-client and chef-solo will fail to run ohai if the node_name is explicitly configured.
    * [CHEF-376] – Roles don't save.
    * [CHEF-383] – Cookies have limit of 4K.
    * [CHEF-386] – 'rake roles' doesn't update json files from ruby files
    * [CHEF-387] – deleting a role generates a 500 error in the web interface
    * [CHEF-396] – 4k cookie limit with nginx+passenger

** Improvement
    * [CHEF-361] – Init service provider currently doesn't start a service when the 'restart' action is called if the service is not already running.
    * [CHEF-363] – we should kick out logged in openids if they become unauthorized
    * [CHEF-368] – Chef README in the GitHub repo is outdated!
    * [CHEF-370] – prettify /status view of uptime
    * [CHEF-373] – include specs in chef gem
    * [CHEF-374] – drop outdated contrib/

** New Feature
    * [CHEF-381] – Ruby Block Resource

Release Notes – Chef – Version 0.7.4

** Bug
    * [CHEF-388] – rake task new_cookbook generates empty version metadata
    * [CHEF-399] – Unit test fixes and 100% CPU bug
    * [CHEF-401] – After Install Phusion throws a Runtime Error because of the log file
    * [CHEF-402] – Weird characters on the bottom of status page
    * [CHEF-403] – Capitals in authorized_open_id_identifiers
    * [CHEF-404] – openid consumer only valid for http://authorized_openid_identifier/

** Improvement
    * [CHEF-363] – we should kick out logged in openids if they become unauthorized

** New Feature
    * [CHEF-381] – Ruby Block Resource

Joshua Timberman

Joshua Timberman is a Code Cleric at CHEF, where he Cures Technical Debt Wounds for 1d8+5 lines of code, casts Protection from Yaks, and otherwise helps continuously improve internal technical process.