Be part of our Live Studio Audiences for our ChefConf Online sessions

Hello Chefs! Wherever you are in the world, you’re likely not in the place you usually are when you’re working. Sadly, we also won’t be where we usually are for ChefConf this year; ChefConf will be online, like so many other events that can no longer happen in person. Registration is open right now at

The benefits of attending a conference in person aren’t just about going to sessions and listening to talks. Folks love a hallway track, hanging out with friends old and new, and networking with other folks in our Community. It’s challenging to translate these sorts of things to an online experience while so much of our lives are completely disrupted. We hope you’re doing well and your friends and families are coping. 

We want you to have a chill time hanging out with us while we prepare for the ChefConf keynotes on June 2. Our breakout speakers have developed some great talks for you, and we want you to be able to join them live over the month of May.

Be part of our Live Studio Audiences for the talks that will go into ChefConf Online. We’re breaking out a track a week, changing up times and days to meet all kinds of crazy schedules, and we want you to be there when you can. 

Join one, join a couple. Come as you are, from wherever you are. Wear your PJs, bring your pets. No need to block out six, eight, or ten hours straight to get in on this ChefConf. You’ll get a special preview of the talks that will go to Video On Demand starting June 2, and have a chance to get your questions answered first by our amazing speakers. 

Additionally, we’re going to use our Friday ChefLive! shows on Twitch to talk to some of our speakers and give you an overview of what’s coming up for the week. We’ll be bringing on some of our engineers and product folks, so tune in on Fridays from 11am Pacific. 

Week 1 – Infrastructure Automation Week

So! For the first week in May, we’ll be going through some Chef Infra sessions, with folks from CUNA Mutual Group, SAP, and Nordstrom. If you’re new to Chef Infra, we’ve got a session just for you from Dan-Joe Lopez at SAP. If you’re the opposite of new, and looking to really level up what your team does with Chef Infra, Mark Gibbons is going to give you a wild ride in the Chef Server API. You didn’t even know you wanted to know that, did you?

Week 2 – Compliance Automation Week

Between May 11 and 15, check out a selection of talks about Chef InSpec. Longtime Chef Community members and returning ChefConf speaker Kyle Harper from Cerner will have a session about their experiences. Former Awesome Community Chef Annie Hedgpeth will talk about moving security left with Chef InSpec. Lance Albertson from OSU’s Open Source Lab will get into the weeds about Test Kitchen and all kinds of other stuff. 

Week 3 – Application Automation Week 

Next up, May 18-22 is Chef Habitat week. Habitat has been doing some wild things this year, so you really won’t want to miss the session from Panera Bread on their journey to getting Habitat in their stores. Come prepared with questions for the Panera folks and our partner, Indellient. David McMaster from NetDocuments will talk about their experiments with Habitat and how it solves problems for them. 

Week 4 – Integrations, DevOps, and other Cool “Stuff” Week

Finally, the last week in May is Integrations and Cool Stuff. I admit this was poorly considered on my part, since Monday, May 25, is a holiday in the US and the UK, but we’ll get it done. We’ve got some awesome stuff from ShuttleOps about their brand new product, a session on Chef and Consul with HashiCorp, Brittany Woods from CARFAX returns with more on using ServiceNow, and our ChefFriends at TapHere! will talk about building DevOps teams and Chef Effortless. 

If you can’t make your favorites, they’ll all be available on the ChefConf platform after the keynotes on June 2, so make sure you’re registered. And stay tuned for more new content over the course of the next couple of months as folks whose schedules didn’t allow for pre-recording in May. We’ll also have blog posts and other features running on our blog, on Twitch, and on our social media accounts. 

Check out the schedule, mark your calendars, and come along. No laugh tracks necessary.


Mandi Walls

Mandi is Technical Community Manager for Chef. She can be found online @LNXCHK.