Chef 0.10.2 + 0.9.18 Debian/Ubuntu Packages

The main Opscode apt repository has been updated with packages for Debian and Ubuntu for the Opscode Chef release versions 0.10.2 and 0.9.18. Installation instructions are in the usual place on the wiki.

Remember that we keep the 0.9 and 0.10 branches separate in the repository:

For Chef 0.10.x on Ubuntu Lucid, you would use this configuration:

[sourcecode gutter=”false”]
deb lucid-0.10 main

And for Chef 0.9.x:

[sourcecode gutter=”false”]
deb lucid main

We also started using a “testing” component for working on packages this release. If you were following Opscode on twitter, you would have seen a tweet about the initial packages being available for testing using this configuration:

[sourcecode gutter=”false”]
deb lucid-0.10 testing

Thanks for being such a great community, we will see you soon with 0.10.4.

Bryan McLellan

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