Bryan McLellan

Moving release and security announcements to Discourse

The volume of posts on our blog has continued to increase as our company and community have grown. While all of the content has been awesome, we’ve received many requests for a dedicated channel about security and release announcements.

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Chef Client 12.1.2 Released

Today we have pushed a small bugfix release of the Chef Client. This release includes some critical updates for some users, and includes a new version of OpenSSL. ### Changelog * Issue 3022: Homebrew Cask install fails * Issue 3059: Chef 12.1.

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Yesterday suffered periodic outages over about an eight hour window. Upon learning of the outage, we worked with the core berkshelf team to identify the cause; the Heroku dyno was hitting its memory quota.

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Chef Client 11.6.0, Ohai 6.18.0, and more!

We’ve got a bundle of exciting Chef news for you today. * Chef 11.6.0 release * Ohai 6.18.0 release * Client release cadence * Testing matrices Chef 11.6.0 Opscode is excited to announce the release of version 11.6.0 of the Chef client. You can download the installation packages from the install page now.

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Chef 10.26.0 Released

This release adds a feature for setting user passwords on Solaris, fixes a bug in Resource.const_defined?, and adds SSL root certificates to the Omnibus packages. Ranjib Dey added support for Google Cloud Engine Linux (GCEL), Google’s Ubuntu derivative. Thanks Ranjib! You’re this releases MVP!

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Chef Server 11.0.6 and 10.24.0 Released

This release includes a few important security fixes. Solr Security Fix The default solr configuration has some tunables that are enabled for updating data and debugging that provide a remote attack surface. The configuration in this release disables those features.

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Chef Client 11.4.0 + 10.22.0 Released!

We have a release today for both the 11.x and 10.x Chef Client tracks. This release is compatible with the changes in the recent 1.7.7 release of the JSON gem that worked around a DoS vulnerability by disabling the create_additions option by default.

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Chef Client 11.2.0, 10.20.0 Released!

On Wednesday a new version of the net-ssh gem was released that modified its dependencies on other Ruby libraries. These changes caused Rubygems to be unable to calculate a set of dependencies for a number of applications, including Chef. This made it not possible to install Chef from a gem package without extensive workarounds.

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Chef 11 Released!

We’re incredibly proud to share the latest major release of Chef with you. The Chef Client and Chef Server are now separate projects. We will be making separate but compatible releases moving forward. You can download both of them from the Chef download page.

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Chef 10.16.4 Released

We’ve got a special holiday Chef bug-fix release for you today. Updated packages are in the usual places. First, this release sets a requirement that moneta be below the newly rewritten 0.7.0 version because that versions API changed and currently breaks Chef.

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