Chef 10.16.4 Released

We’ve got a special holiday Chef bug-fix release for you today. Updated packages are in the usual places.

First, this release sets a requirement that moneta be below the newly rewritten 0.7.0 version because that versions API changed and currently breaks Chef.

Avishai Ish-Shalom filed the bug reporting this issue, which is a blocking bug for gem based installations of Chef. We’ve removed moneta from Chef Client 11 in CHEF-3715 so this requirement should get us by until then. Avishai Ish-Shalom has been contributing to Chef and Ohai for years. Thanks Avishai, you are this releases MVP!

  • Fletcher Nichol fixed a bug allowing you to specify your chefserverurl in configuration files from environment variables and other special strings.
  • Xabier de Zuazo fixed a big oversight on our part that defaulted providers to support why-run even if they did not.
  • Mike Fiedler helped fix a bug that prevented you from specifying an ssh port in your ssh_config.

Release Notes


  • [CHEF-3564] – remote\_directory is updated\_by\_last\_action on every run
  • [CHEF-3574] – There's a typo in the action\_reload method of lib/chef/provider/service.rb that causes "reload" actions to display "disable service" messages during whyrun
  • [CHEF-3577] – knife ssh overrides port value in ssh config
  • [CHEF-3597] – knife.rb cannot handle frozen strings in chef\_server\_url (like from ENV)
  • [CHEF-3632] – All providers have whyrun enabled by default due to RemoteDirectory
  • [CHEF-3672] – ubuntu12.04-gems bootstrap needs to be updated for 12.10
  • [CHEF-3721] – Moneta 0.7.0 breaks remote\_file/remote_directory
  • [CHEF-3660] – Deploy Revision Provider Fails on Solaris 9
  • [CHEF-3619] – Chef still has obsolete ‘rake/rdoctask’ require

Bryan McLellan