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Chef 10.16.2 Released!

More patches, more love We’ve have a bug fix release for you today. Included are a couple fairly critical bug fixes for an issue with incorrect permissions with cookbook_file and remote_file on Windows. Also included is a whyrun fix for remote_directory.

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Chef 10.16.0 Released!

We have a Chef release for you today and I’m personally pretty happy with keeping up release pace with community development. This release includes client-side support for collecting a summary of resource statistics on the total number of resources and number of resources updated in a run.

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Chef 10.14.4 Released!

We have another patch release for 10.14 for you today. This release is mostly fixes to the deploy provider and the error inspectors. The usual Rubygems, Debian packages and Omnibus packages are all up. Kendrick Martin was really helpful with some debugging work this release and has really been improving the Windows cookbooks.

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Chef 10.14.2 Released!

We reordered our versioning with the release of 10.12.0 to facilitate point releases that just contain bug fixes. Here is your first one. MVPs Phil Dibowitz contributed awesome improvements to knife that were released in 10.14.0, such as batching for knife cookbook upload -a.

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Chef 10.14.0 Released!

We are quite excited about getting this version of Chef released and into your hands. This release contains over seventy-five resolved issues from over thirty community members and some big new features from Opscode. Whyrun This version includes a new feature that we’ve talked about for a long time called “why-run.

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On the level: Testing your infrastructure

At Opscode we have an internal Jenkins cluster that runs our test suites against each project as commits are pushed; pretty standard stuff.

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Omnibus Chef Packaging

We’re pleased to release a new, easy way to install the Chef client: using our Omnibus packaging. Omnibus is all about helping you spend spending less time installing Chef and more time building awesome, automated infrastructure.

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Chef 10.12.0 Released!

New Versioning We’ve reordered out versioning so instead of Chef 0.10.12 this is Chef 10.12.0. This is for the same reasons as our recent Ohai release.

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Ohai 6.14.0 released

New Versioning You may notice the slight but meaningful change in the version. We had always intended to follow the spirit of the Semantic Versioning Specification, but determining what version “1.0” would be kept being put off for the future.

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Chef 0.10.10 released!

We have another epic Chef release ready for you with over 120 closed tickets. The default bootstrap template for knife has changed in this release. If you haven’t been specifying a template with the “-d” flag, you’ve been using the “ubuntu10.04-gems” template.

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